Introductions all the way…..

Good day guys, I’m officially starting my blog today and I’m here to bring to your fingertips what time of life it is.

So, let’s introduce me. I am Munu Chidiebube Eguonoghene. I’m African and I live in Africa.

I am tall and slim with a brown skin . I am _______ years,well we would find out as time goes by… 😅😂. I write poems and articles (a lot of which you would be reading) and I love making carefree, playful and happy videos. I can talk about virtually every topic so feel free to bring your suggestions of topics or themes. I am a foodie (I LOVE FOOD) and I like discovering new recipes (I honestly don’t mind anyone sharing theirs with me). Simply, I’m fun loving.

I’m happy to have started this journey with you and I really want you to know that you are special

PS: I’m open to comments and suggestions

Much love❤️ Reddish.